Old West Kids Youth and Toddler Western Boots

Old West Kids, Youth and Toddler Western Boots

Yes, these boots have leather feet and leather uppers. The soles are non-slip rubber, PVC, or crepe soles for more grip. Quite a value in kids boots! Wrap your child's feet in leather that breathes, and that will shape and stretch as the pressures of growth push against the leather. Often parents will jump a couple of sizes from an old boot size when they go to purchase a new pair of boots. This is because the boot actually did "grow" with the child's foot. This happens as the sweat is dissipated through the leather to allow slow elasticity while wearing and doing normal activities. Plastic boots, though costing less, will not return this length of wearing time, nor will they be nearly as comfortable. The nature of vinyl will pull against the growing foot, rather than shaping and expanding with it.  Get your Old West Children's boots right here at Daniels Run Work Wear.  We ship directly to you.
Sometimes, we are asked about wide boots or medium boots for your children. Although Old West Boots does not make wide widths in children's boots, you can go up a half size to gain width without being way too long. Also, look to the broad square or round toe boots for more width room in the toes. The roper boots will have more room in the width of the shaft if getting a thick arch into a boot is a concern.

Also, children's lacer boots are easier to pull on with those high arch feet. Conversely, if your child has a narrow foot, look to the more traditional children's cowboy boots. Lacers can be pulled tighter around the foot. Or, place another cushion insole in the boot. Most times, a narrow foot has problems with too high an area in the arch. The extra insole will lift the foot inside the boot and alleviate this problem. Sometimes, family budgets require buying a larger boot than needed. Use those insoles to gain a better fit until the child's feet grow bigger.  You and your child will love these boots for years to come and make them heirlooms.