Outdoor An Tactical Gear HQ

We provide products from numerous manufacturers that specialize in quality tactical gear and uniforms for police, firefighters and EMT Techs and military personnel.  Thus, we will be placing the majority of these products in a centralized collection to make it easy for our customers to locate them.  These brand named companies include Rothco, Fox Tactical, EMCO, Ridge Outdoor, 5.11, Safariland, Under Armour, Dickies Tactical, and hundreds of other companies.  

Additional brands include GH Armor Systems, Strong Badge Case, Armor Express, Fobus Holsters & Pouches, KA-BAR, ESS Eye Pro, Pelican Lighting Systems, Nite Ize, ZAK Tool, Gerber, SOG, Pro-gard Products LLC, Boston Leather, Smith & Wesson watches & multi-tools, Peerless Handcuff Company, and more.  We will not be listing all of their products as many are only sold to law enforcement.  We adhere to all laws and regulations for the distribution of all restricted products.  We do not offer any guns or ammunition.   

If you are a municipal or state police organization, please contact us to discuss working with us.  We welcome the opportunity to supply your uniform and tactical supply needs.  Again, we do not offer any guns or ammunition.  Feel free to call or email us to set up a meeting in our offices in Tysons Corner, VA 22102.

We also distribute camping and outdoor gear and supplies for camping, fishing, hunting, survival and emergency food, hiking and travel gear including EDC tools and GPS devices.  So get out there and enjoy our National Parks and campgrounds.  We even have camping barbeque and cooking items.

703-982-7700  or jhbakersr@gmail.com

We have combined our division,  Outdoor An Tactical Gear HQ here at Daniels Run Work Wear for more efficiency within our organization.