Bullhide Burlington Genuine Panama Straw Hat Item BH-2981

Bullhide Burlington Genuine Panama Straw Hat Item BH-2981

Free Initial Delivery On Orders of $89.00 or More Until 1/1/2021

As of 1/1/2021 Free Initial Delivery is On Orders of $99.00 or More

Exceptions Apply On Orders of 10 lbs. or More

Sizes:  Small, Medium, Large

A classy hat with style to spare, great for on the boardwalk or a regular night on the town.  Order yours for this summer and enjoy the compliments all year long.  Great for group or individual selfies.  Order Yours Today!

When we are out of your size hat, we can still accept your order, but it will require 4 business days to obtain your hat from the manufacturer and receive it at our warehouse before we can ship it to you.

  Know Your Correct Hat Size

Do you know the #1 Reason Customers Return Their Hats.  They do not know their correct hat size.  You can fix this by taking a string or cloth measuring tape and wrapping it around your head just above your ears.  Measure the length of the string and apply the inches in size to the chart we have included in the pictures on  this page.  Now, you know your correct hat size.  Order up your new hat today.

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