Bullhide Hats Blaze Raffia Cowboy Hat Natural Item BH-2227

Bullhide Hats Blaze Raffia Cowboy Hat Natural Item BH-2227

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- Style BLAZE 
- Material: RAFFIA 
- Brim: 3 1/2" 
- Color: NATURAL 

The perfect hat for the beach, hiking, and camping or working outdoors or even at a concert.  Quality, Price, Style makes this hat a perfect match for all these activities.

Bullhide Hats have gained special recognition in the western market because of their superior finish, innovative style, and exclusive trimmings. These qualities make Bullhide Hats unique. Choosing the right Hat body is only the beginning of the laborious process of making a Bullhide Hat. First, each hat body is handcrafted by expert artisans using different materials: Fur felt, wool felt, and natural straws. Before qualifying as a Bullhide Hat, their hats have to pass a careful inspection made by their skilled hatters. Each hat body is hand dipped in a special lacquer, which makes the hats more durable, water-resistant and easy to clean. Unlike some other manufacturers that run their hats through ovens, their hats are allowed to air-dry. This process takes longer, but it allows the stiffener to cure uniformly and eliminates peeling and cracking. After the completion of the stiffening process, the hats are ready for the blocking process. 

If you think about it, you know that this hat would look great on you at the beach or camping or at a concert.  Get yours today, order up!
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We carry many styles and brands of western hats and want you to find the hat that you feel is right for you.  Call or email us for help finding your hat and we can help you find your hat.  Thank you America for your business! 


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