Bullhide Round-Up Collection Pistol Pete 6X Western Hat Item BH-0397BL

Bullhide Round-Up Collection Pistol Pete 6X Hat Item BH-0397BL

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A stylish Bullhide hat from the Round-Up Collection for you! Quality 6X wool felt construction, Braided hat band features silver-tone conchos & silver-tone buckle set, Classy Cattleman crease hat styling.  Order Yours Today or Get One as a Special Gift!

Treat yourself to a premium hat! The allure of this wool hat goes beyond its good looks. These hats feature superior finishing, innovative style, and exclusive trimmings. This hat from the Round-Up Collection in the Pistol Pete style features a 4 3/8" Cattleman crease hat crown and 4" brim. Imported. Sizes: 6-3/4 through 7-5/8 Shipped Direct in 2-5 Business days

If out of stock at the time of your order, these hats will require 4-5 business days to  restock from the manufacturer before they can be shipped to  you.

Know Your Hat Size

One of the main reasons for customers returns their hat is that they do not know their correct hat size.  This doesn't work.  Take a string or cloth measuring tape and wrap it around your head just above your ears and measure the length of the string.  Then compare the size in inches to the hat size chart that is available on the picture section of this product.  

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