Coghlans LED Tent Light-Item # 1540

Coghlans LED Tent Light-Item # 1540

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This bright 120 Lumen LED provides 360° light diffused through a soft silicone lantern shell. With up to 40 hours of run time and 4 brightness levels the Tent Light will cast a comfortable glow inside a tent or around the picnic table. The handle features a split loop so that it can be hung from anywhere. Made from a durable silicone material so that it can survive bumps and falls.  Simple straight forward light that is durable and great for camping.

A great basic camping light that even the kids can use and it will come back still working; of course your smallest child may decide it is their favorite night light; but that's ok as you can teach them responsibility and make them the keeper of the light.  Maybe you should get two as people can get attached to this light. :-)

Recommended by camping friendly Moms and Dads everywhere. 

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