Portable Power Pack - Solar USB Cable or Hand Crank Charger - Item # 1560

Portable Power Pack Solar USB Cable or Hand Crank Charger - Item # 1560

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6000 mAh Power Pack provides power to your smartphone, digital camera or tablet anywhere you go.

Never be without power again!  Green Power Rocks!

Power can be recharged to the device by USB, solar or dynamo cranking. The Power Pack stores energy in high-grade lithium polymer cells for later use. The durable case is water-resistant and can be stowed away in your backpack or jacket pocket. Get one for home and your vehicle so your covered everywhere!

Charge the Power Pack via the supplied USB cable, solar or dynamo function. Recharge your device with the supplied Micro USB connector. Includes a bright LED light. 6000 mAh power.

This small durable Power Pack is so versatile that you may want one just for you to keep in your car or truck and another for camping and use when the power goes out during a storm or emergency.  Great addition to your Bug Out Bag or Survival Back Pack and Go Bag.

So stop worrying about losing power on your rechargeable electronics.  Get a 6000 mAh Power Pack today and charge your devices quickly and efficiently, on the road traveling, in the woods or at the airport. 

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