Coghlan's Six Function Whistle - Item 0466

Coghlan's Six Function Whistle - Item # 0466

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If you have kids and go camping you are going to want these for each of the kids.  If you need three or more we can help you figure out a way to get them and not bust your budget.  As a grandpa myself, I'd recommend these to every parent that takes their kids camping, even pre-teens, just to be on the safe side.  And teach them how to use it and when to get help and so you can find them!  We consider this a camping essential for kids.

Includes LED light, compass, magnifier, thermometer, signal mirror and whistle along with convenient lanyard and clip. Batteries included.

We sell these at $8.87 individually, but if you buy four or more we'll help with the price at to help you make sure you have the number you need for your family.  Just email or call and leave us a message with your return call or email address to get help for buying three or more.  

If you need even more for a cub scout, boy scout troop, girl scout troop or other organization where you need to keep track of your little people; give me a call and ask for Smokin' Jim to get you quantity pricing for this and other items for your organization.

We also offer lots of other items like this to help you teach kids about how to use a compass, and more.     or     571-527-6380  Leave a Message Please

Our regular pricing on this item is setup to make it easy for you to buy the quantity you need for the group you need to supply.  We can help you with all the basic camping essential items for each member of your family or group.  Just contact me; Smokin' Jim, here at Daniels Run Work Wear! 

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