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Keurig Single Cup In-Room Coffee Brewer Item # K130SC 

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Great In-Room small footprint Single Cup coffee brewer for 8 oz brew cycle, with Auto Shutoff, permanent operating instructions on the front side of the brewer, uses K-Cup single-serve cups with a 6 ft cord.  Perfect for dorm rooms, office desk, hotel rooms, light, and portable. Black Only.  A very durable single cup coffee brewer that is easy to use and is portable to take with you when you travel, go camping, for the hunting lodge, and great for hotel rooms and student dorm rooms or your own office counter.  Just follow the instructions on the front of the brewer.  Simple and efficient.  This brewer has a three-prong plug.  This makes a great gift for anyone that loves great coffee.

We have been roasting and distributing our own fresh roasted coffee for decades @SmokinBearCafe on twitter or direct sales via phone and email.      We have an ongoing coffee special for Colombian or Sumatra whole bean coffee when you order via email at $10.59/16 oz bag.  This is premium small-batch roasted coffee, not your store-bought mass-produced regular coffee.  We sell it as whole beans to allow you to grind it yourself and enjoy the great robust flavor.  It is excellent for taking with you on camping trips or when traveling plus we have hand grinders that we can help you with also. 

So get a bag today with your Keurig K cup coffee brewer; grind up just what you need and reseal the bag to retain the fresh small-batch coffee taste.  Use your personal mini-cup to place in your new Single-cup brewer or buy it from us too for only $2.50 as other stores charge up to $14.00 for a "My Cup".  Then you can enjoy some of the best Fresh Roasted Small Batch Coffee in America, and make one cup at a time to save money or treat your customers to some of the best coffee in America.  Who says one cup coffee has to be average or bland? 

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