Lone Star Hats Dutch Chocolate Brown Felt Ridgetop Crown Item 420FCH

Lone Star Hats Dutch Chocolate Brown Felt Ridgetop Crown Item 420FCH

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This beautiful chocolate felt ridgetop crown western hat with a silver buckle hat band will complement your outfit every day.  Ladies or men it works for both.  Get your "Dutch" chocolate brown felt western hat today and start letting the world know you too come from a heritage of hard work, integrity, and pride.  Your hat is waiting for you! 

Know Your Hat Size

One of the main reasons that customers must return their hat is that they do not know their correct hat size.  It is easy to find out.  Take a cloth measuring tape of a piece of string and wrap it around your head about an inch above your ears.  Then measure the string and use the hat size chart to compare the inches around your head for your proper hat size.


Sizes:  6-3/4 - 7-3/4             Limited Sizes Available Currently

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