Smokin' Bear Cafe Manual Coffee Mill Grinder w/ Ceramic Burrs Item CGM-13

Smokin' Bear Cafe Manual Coffee Mill Grinder w/ Ceramic Burrs Item CGM-13

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A camping and travel necessity for premium coffee lovers everywhere!  Order Yours Today and see what a difference having your own fresh ground coffee can make on your next trip or outing.  Part of our Smokin' Bear Cafe collections.

Lengthened stainless steel handle saves your effort when grinding beans, it is more enjoyable for the fun of grinding coffee beans.

  • Ceramic burr will not add heat during grinding. The coffee mill can be used for a longer time and can keep the original flavor of coffee which is the best choice of coffee lovers
  • Silicon lid is soft to the touch and convenient to add beans, and this coffee mill is easy to wash and clean.
  • Adjusting nut control can help you grid to obtain coffee that is fine or coarse, it all depends on you. Very easy to control
  • The coffee mill disassembles into parts, and all the parts are washable. And Comes with two glass jars designed to be more convenient to keep ground coffee or beans during traveling, camping or small parties with friends.

Your Manual Coffee Mill Grinder come 95% assembled.  Just put the top on, screw the jar on the bottom and put on the handle and you are done.  The instructions are included to help you clean the grinder after using.  Very simple to store and assemble, makes really fresh ground coffee from your fresh roasted beans. Get yours today for camping or at college or simply for at home for the freshest coffee possible.  You can even grind your coffee to put in your own "My Cup" for single serve coffee, or put it into a single serve drip cup for camping or at home. 

Smokin' Bear Cafe, our sister company provides small batch fresh roasted whole bean coffee in several flavors Colombian, Breakfast Blend or Sumatra.  Only $9.99 per one pound recloseable bag. Just search for item SBCC to order your fresh roasted small batch drum roasted premium coffee here at Daniels Run Work Wear.  You'll love the flavor and the wonderful grinder you use to create your own fresh ground premium coffee.


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