Reusable 3-Layer Polyester Face Mask Item 1278

Reusable 3-Layer Polyester Face Mask Item 1278

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Designed with a 3-layer polyester construction, Face Masks are washable, reusable, and great to wear as you go about your daily life.  These come in two packs one black and one coyote color.  Order yours today.  

While one is drying after being worn the day before you can wear the second mask.

  • Face Cover Features A Soft And Stretchy 3-Layer Polyester Construction That Contorts To The Shape Of Your Face For A Comfortable Fit And Feel
  • Ear Loops On Each End Securely Hold The Face Mask In Place
  • Make Rothco's Reusable Face Mask A Part Of Your Everyday Essentials
  • These Masks Are Not Medical-Grade Surgical Masks Nor Are They N95 Respirator Masks. Rothco Makes No Warranties Or Implications That This Mask Prevents Infection Or The Transmission Of Viruses Or Diseases

These masks are not certified as guaranteed protection against the virus.  They do provide basic protection, but we can not make any guarantee as to their level of protection.

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