Cell Phone/iPhone Solar Charger Item-80000 Clearance Half Price

Cell Phone/iPhone Solar Charger Item-80000 Clearance Half Price

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Always Be Connected , Can Be Fully Charged Via PC USB In 2 Hours , Can Be Charged Via Solar Panel In 11-13 Hours (full Sunlight) , Includes 1 USB And 1 Discharging Cable, 6 Interchangeable Connectors , Blister Carded , Fits Most Motorola V66 Motorola V3(i) Samsung A288 Nokia 6101 Sony Ericsson K750 And iPhone 3G Type Cell Phones , Also Charges iPod Nano Video And Touch Players

So GET ONE and put it in your backpack, so when you Grab IT and GO, you know you're prepared!

Also charges Samsung and most other phones, tablets, etc. and is perfect to carry with you on trips to use where ever there is light to charge it, a desk light, window, while having lunch or dinner prior to flights, at the bar where there are lights.  Gives you an extra shot of power from the sun or light source.  

Also recharges from your laptop to use later to recharge your phone.  Fits in your shirt pocket or in your purse easily.  Will last for years and is a true battery saver where you can't find an outlet to plug in.  It will even recharge the small pocket chargers that you brought that you thought were already charged.  Consider it your backup charger when you need it most.

Rated Input:  Mini USB Type DC 5V/500mAh

Rated Output:  USB 5V/500mAh    Keep it in the blister pack to keep all the connections together or in a resealable plastic bag so you know where it is and stow it in your backpack/ briefcase pocket to have it available when you really need it.  Great for travel, camping, hunting, daily carry for work or simply to be sure you are never without the power to make a call or fire up your tablet or ipad to email that all important email or text.  


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