Smokin' Bear Cafe Coffee 16 oz Resealable Bag Item SBCC

Smokin' Bear Cafe Coffee 16 oz Resealable Bag Item SBCC

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We provide small batch fresh roasted whole bean coffee in 16 oz resealable bags.  Our coffee is shipped directly to you just days after roasting.  Smokin' Bear Cafe Coffee is made from the world's finest Arabica beans and roasted in drum roasts for the best flavor possible.  Try a bag and you'll see for yourself what a great cup of coffee is all about.

We have been providing small batch freshly roasted coffee since 1986 when we first went into business with our own stores in Aberdeen, MD.  Currently, we are offering Columbian Supremo in 16 oz resealable bags.

We also offer 2 different varieties of manual coffee grinders.  Use our website search engine to see our hand coffee grinder offerings.

Order yours and enjoy the rich full smooth taste of freshly roasted premium coffee.

Do you operate a restaurant, hotel or office with a need to supply coffee for your employees or customers?  We offer office, restaurant and hotel coffee services plus equipment since 2001.  Contact us for help at 703-982-7700 office or email our general customer service email address: 

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