Stetson 10X Gus Shantung Panama Straw Item SSGUSS-5636

Stetson 10X Gus Shantung Panama Straw Item SSGUSS-5636

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Here is the classic Stetson Gus 10X Shantung Panama Straw hat in all it's glory.  Waiting for you to order for direct shipment as these are in stock and ready to ship.  Limited supply of these hard to get hats, so order yours today.
  • Stetson 10X
  • Leather Hat Band
  • Color:  81 Natural
  • Brim:  3-3/4"
  • Crown Shape:  Gus 4"
  • Downward Sloped Front and Rear Brim Styling
  • Material:  Straw - Shantung Panama

sizes available:  7,  7-1/8,  7-1/4, 7-3/8

Most hat distributors make you wait weeks for these.  We have them in stock and ready to ship.  Order yours today and make either yourself or someone you love very happy.  Cowboy Up!

Do You Know Your Hat Size

Do you know the #1 reason customers return their hats?  They don't know their correct hat size.  You can solve this situation by taking a string or cloth measuring tap and wrapping it around your head just above your ears where you would wear your hat.  Then measure the string in inches and compare it to the Hat Size Chart that we have included in the pictures on this page.  Now, you know your correct hat size.  Order yours today.



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