XMRE Lite Complete Meals - Item 9311

XMRE Lite Complete Meals - Item 9311

3/19/20 Currently unavailable!

XMRE Lite Complete Meals are extremely versatile and are made with some of the best components available on the military MRE market. They don’t require water or any hydration and are fully cooked so they can be eaten straight out of the pouch anywhere at any time. They have a long shelf life: 3 years for military components and one year for commercial components. Both lightweight and waterproof, these MREs are the perfect option for outdoor enthusiasts, emergency preppers or anyone who is planning to be in a situation where they need food on the go. 3 to 4 different menus per case, military spec 8 oz each, 600 - 900 calories each.

These are complete meals that can be eaten straight out of the pouch, anywhere at any time.  Perfect for the kids, camping, hunting, emergencies, survival food supply, college dorm food supply.  

College students will stay in and study more with these complete meals available for quick snacks when studying!   Healthier and less expensive than fast food at only $8.81/complete meal.

FREE Shipping on this item, so parents can order them for their college students and have them shipped direct to them at college!

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