XMRE Main Entree Only - Eight Varieties - Item 9310

XMRE Main Entree Only - Eight Varieties - Item 9310

3/19/20 Currently Unavailable!

The XMRE Main entree is 8 oz of fully cooked, US Military grade meals great for the outdoors, on the run, road trips, or emergencies. These meals will provide proper nutrition, without adding water, while maintaining a long shelf life.

  • Five Year Shelf LIfe
  • US Military Grade
  • Eight Varieties of Main Entree Items

Flavors:   Southwest Style Beef - SWSBF,

                 Shredded BBQ Beef - SBBQBF,

                 Beef Taco - BFTF,

                 Beef Brisket - BFBR,

                 Penne Pasta With Veggie Sausage - PP,

                 Chicken Pesto Pasta - CHPEP,

                 Chicken Fajita - CHFA

Get some to keep handy for the kids, use them for camping or going to the beach for a quick lunch. These are also good to keep in a backpack in the truck of the car or behind your seat in a pickup truck in case of an emergency.  Stock up at the house little by little so that you have enough in case of an emergency that lasts longer then three days for everyone in the family.

Buy 14 at one time and get them each for $5.45/Each or Only $76.30 PLUS FREE Shipping!      Shipping is via USPS Ground Only!

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